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Seasonal Offers

Beef Rib Dry Aged & French Trimmed
We select our beef for natural marbling and then hang it for a minimum of 30 days, this means it has a great flavour and is lovely and tender...
Boneless Turkey Crown Hamper
A Boneless Turkey Crown Plus An Extra Joint Of Your Choice, With Plenty Of Pigs In Blankets & Home Made Stuffing...
Cockerels Whole Bird Free Range
These Label Anglais Free Range Cockerels are grown using high welfare & low intensity methods, resulting in a fabulously rich tasting bird...
Duck Whole Bird Free Range 2.5 - 3 KG
These Free Range Ducks are grown using high welfare & low intensity methods, resulting in a fabulously rich tasting bird...
These English Cured Gammon Joints are a must for any Christmas Table, boiled or baked, with honey or in coke, they make a great addition to your cold cuts...
Goose Whole Bird Free Range Adlingtons
These Madgets Free Range Birds are grown using high welfare & low intensity methods, resulting in a fabulously rich tasting bird...
Turkey Crown Barn Reared English
These Joints a real favourite, easy to cook and carve and they come pre laticed with streaky bacon to keep them very moist through cooking...
Turkey Whole Bird Barn Reared Warwickshire
Reared by local farmer Rod Adlington, these birds are reared in large open barns, and are reared using the very best low intensity farming methods...
Turkey Whole Bird Free Range Warwickshire
Reared by local farmer Rod Adlington, these Free Range Birds are grown in Kenilworth, using the very best Free Range methods...



​Based in Royal Leamington Spa, The Meat Room is a modern retail and online butchers, offering the very best in a high quality local meat. Our online store is designed to accommodate customers both locally and nationally and provide the convenience of shopping online with the option of click and collect or home delivery.

​What makes us different?

The Meat Room has built its reputation on the quality of its product and excellent customer service, we use time honoured methods to guarantee our Meat is tender and the range we offer includes both traditional cuts of naturally reared beef, pork, lamb & Poultry, alongside more modern cuts, to meet the growing array of recipes enjoyed from around the world.


Our butchery methods follow tradition, in that most of our meat is supplied in carcase form, enabling us to visibly inspect against time honoured standards, that ensure excellent eating quality, things such as fat cover and marbling that are critical. Most modern meat suppliers do not allow their meat to mature, so it is often tough and flavourless when cooked. At The Meat Room, we dry age our Beef for a minimum of  21 days (depending on the cut), allowing time for the flavours to develop and the meat to become incredibly tender. Even the lamb is hung at certain times of the year as we move towards more mature animals in the mid-winter.

​This differs greatly from retailers who start with pre-packaged boneless meat, as once a cut is in a box you have no idea of the carcase quality, thankfully this is our opportunity and we are pleased to say that not a week goes by without a customer commenting on the quality of our meat and the enjoyment of a memorable meal.

​Our Purchasing Ethos

We have developed a supply network with like minded family businesses, where the emphasis is on the welfare of animals and the non-intensive production of a quality product.

The Meat Rooms aim is for 90% of its meat to be sourced from the surrounding counties, and we are constantly developing direct farm relationships, that result in a truly local supply.